Entrepreneurship Certificate Program


This Program is Offered Fully Online or On Campus.

Program Description

Entrepreneurship Certificate program at Brentwood University is designed for individuals who wish to start and manage their own business.  The students from wide range of experience will be equipped with required skills and expertise to overcome the challenges of running a business.  The professionals who are looking to advance in their career and others who need to learn how to run a startup company successfully will be the best candidate to be enrolled.

This program will prepare those who wish to continue the education and get enrolled in degree programs.

The program feature coursework that is challenging and focused on real-world scenarios.  They will learn how to become a more effective contributor, leader and change agent within global work environments.

Brentwood University offers the program Online, on Campus or Blended.


Program Objectives 

Students who successfully complete the Entrepreneurship Certificate will acquire the following competencies:

  • Innovative way of thinking
  • Accounting and Finance: Gain better understand of financials and practices for improved bottom line.
  • Business Strategy: Develop Strategies for the implementation of new and continuous improvement.
  • Business Plan: Develop, refine and deploy business plan
  • Effective Marketing  for product and revises



Degree Requirement: Candidate must possess High School Diploma or equivalent. Candidate from different level of education can enroll in this program and get prepared to successfully manage challenging businesses.  Education and skills they acquire will be extremely valuable to be successful in a wide range of management position, ranging from small businesses to corporate level.

Age Requirement: Candidate must be the age of 18 or above at the time of enrollment.

English Proficiency: All courses will be provided in English. For a student whose previous degrees were not completed in English, a TOEFL score is required. If TOEFL is not available, then the student is required to take our own English placement test.

The TOEFL requirement does not apply to students who have complete the English placement test at this institution.

On Campus students will be placed in additional ESL and/or Business English courses according to the result of their placement test or TOEFL score.


Entrepreneurship Certificate Program Courses

Student is required to pass 3 out of 4 following courses successfully in order to fulfill   Entrepreneurship Certificate requirements

  • BU 151202_ Managerial Accounting and Financial Management ( 6 credits)
  • BU 151203_ Entrepreneuralship and Leadership ( 6 credits)
  • BU 151204_ Human Resources Management ( 6 credits)
  • BU 151206 Essentials Of Project Management ( 6 credits)

Click here to view the list of courses with complete descriptions.


Required Learning Materials

Each course will have a designated textbook that students are responsible to obtain on their own. Our Learning Management System supports the use of additional learning materials, including multimedia lecture presentations, discussion forums, and e-Library reading materials collection. Course materials are at the discretion of individual faculty members, but undergo review and approval by the Chief Academic Officer prior to being used in a live course.


Graduate Employment Opportunities 

Statistics show that in today’s business environment, startups with owner educated in the area of entrepreneurship have a higher chance to succeed compare to others.   A startup business owner needs to have knowledge and understanding of today’ market as it relates to their business.  They need to gain marketing skills, business analysis and accounting to plan and run a profitable business.

 For more Information please contact admissions@brentwood.university