Project Management- How to work smarter and not harder

Project Management

How to work smarter and not harder!


5 Project Management  tricks that can improve your efficiency and reduce your workload time!

How can you boost your productivity?

How do you make sure you get the most out of each day? Staying focused at work isn’t easy so here are some tips that will ensure you that you get all your work done on time.


  • Use a task management tool

Organize your workflow with labels, notes and prioritize your tasks. Colors and reminder are important! You can also separate your workload into urgent, done or ongoing.  Many software are free or freemium, available on cloud or as an application. Some of them have a calendar or a checklist choice where you can include your team and share who is doing what.

  • Keep your desktop screen empty

Keep your files organized named and classed properly in the right folder. Do not forget to provide the right information on the top when opening a file (title, date, author) and try to have your desktop screen empty and clean.

  • Put a deadline to each task

Remember Parkinson’s Law: “Tasks expand to the time allotted. If you have all day to write a blog post, it will take you all day. If you have all day to make sales calls, they will take all day…you get the idea!” Mary Kathryn Johnson.

  • Tighten Up Meetings

Limit meetings to 30 minutes and organize the meeting flow or your pitch. A meeting agenda helps exactly on that: resumes the topics discussed and covered. Internal or external meeting define the roles of the meeting moderator and the drafter.

  • Stop multitasking

As NPR reports, humans can’t physically multitask. Our brains instead juggle attention from one task to the other so quick we’re given the illusion we’re multitasking. “Think about writing an e-mail and talking on the phone at the same time. Those things are nearly impossible to do at the same time,” neuroscientist Earl Miller.


Of course, having a break when accomplishing a task is mandatory! And if you are managing a team think always of recognizing productiveness! It will increase engagement and career advancement!

Organization is an essential skill on Project Management, representing the first step in order to continue analyzing, communicating, estimating.

Project-Management-How to work smarter and not harder!5 tricks that can improve your efficiency and reduce your workload time!


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“Of all the things that contribute to a happy workday, the one thing that stands out from my research is making progress on meaningful work. Feeling like you are able to move forward on a daily basis engenders real joy” Teresa M. Amabile