We are with you!


We are with you!            


We stand with Afghanistan and Afghan women during this hard period and we contribute to their effort for a better future by offering  

10 full scholarships for the online MBA program. 


Our goal is to continue defending women’s right for education, living and career because we believe that education is a right and not a privilege. 

For that reason, Brentwood University decided to offer 10 full scholarships to Afghan women who are determined to continue studying.  



Why choose distant learning?  

Distant learning is the future of education as it turns out to be a necessary element for personal and professional progress. With online learning working and studying are possible.  

Distant learning has the same value with a traditional learning degree, respected by all employees and institutions worldwide. Brentwood University has moreover international accreditation as students come from all around the world.     

Get now your online MBA or DBA in one year without relocating, traveling, or quitting your job.  


Study from home, study from where you are and choose your future. 

Only 10 scholarships will be given to candidates who fulfill the requirements. 


How to apply? 

Click now on the following button, fill out the form and a student’s advisor will contact you shortly. If your candidacy is accepted, you have to provide the following documents:  

  1. Copy of your passport 
  2. Copy of your diplomas   
  3. Copy of transcripts 
  4. Your Resume 
  5. Your photo 


You can also contact us on [email protected] for more information. 



The present offer concerns women living in Afghanistan 

A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent is mandatory as well as a good knowledge of English language.  

In order to follow the courses, you will also need a computer of any type and an internet connection.  


Only 10 full scholarships will be given for the online MBA