Doctorate in Business Administration

Program Description

The Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA Online) at Brentwood University is the highest academic degree which is designed for students who wish to pursue a professional career. The DBA Online is focused on both theory and applied research and will help the student to acquire leadership skills as an executive, consultant, or entrepreneur. At Brentwood University, we highlight international knowledge and experience. The DBA Online program is designed for professionals with current employment position or business owners.

All programs are subject to change by the Institution Academic Authorities at any time. Students who may be concerned by any change will be informed.

Program Objectives

Students who successfully complete the Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA Online) will acquire the following competencies:

  • Conduct research with the aim of applying the findings to the real world of Business in all industries and countries
  • Visionary skills and projection in the future in a changing economic and business environment
  • Making decision in the real business world and more specifically, in the new international global Business World
  • Conduct marketing research and answer to the new market in an ever-changing environment
  • Develop and maintain a high level of team work and improve social and economic environment for human resources.

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  • BU 151201 Research Methodology (6 Credits)
  • BU 151202 Managerial Accounting and Financial Management (6 Credits)
  • BU 151203 Entrepreneurship and Leadership (6 Credits)
  • BU 151204 Human resources Management (6 Credits)
  • BU 151205 Business Intelligence (6 Credits)
  • BU 151206 Essentials of Project Management (6 Credits)
  • BU 151207 Strategic Marketing (6 Credits)
  • BU 151208 Leadership in International Multicultural Organization (6 Credits)
  • BU 151101 Organization and Leadership (6 Credits)
  • BU 151102  Innovation and Technology Leadership (6 Credits)
  • BU 151106 Business Strategy (6 Credits)
  • Dissertation (12 Credits)


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Graduation Policy

Why Choose Brentwood?

Brentwood University endeavors to provide current and effective graduate business education programs to qualified learners. Instruction is delivered via programs that are adaptable to student needs or interests.

This institution was founded with the goal of sustaining innovative and flexible, educational challenges and to do so via a student-centered academic environment. The student’s mastery of required coursework leads to the award of a degree, and also leads to the enrichment of students who aspire to positions of leadership, entrepreneurship, corporate governance, and service to others.

Graduates are empowered to students who want to be entrepreneurs to become expert global leaders committed to the application of sound business practices in corporate governance, entrepreneurship, and service to the community.

Self Development

To be awarded the Doctorate in Business Administration degree, all students must complete 60 core program credits with a 3.0 minimum cumulative grade point average. The core instruction is delivered in eight 6-credit hour courses, each lasting 8 weeks. addition to 48 core credits, the student should complete the Grand Comprehensive Exam (GCE) and submit a final dissertation for 12 Credit hours. A student who chooses to complete only the core credits, should expect to take 16 months to complete the DBA degree course requirements, provided an uninterrupted and  normal progression through the program.

In addition to 48 core credits, the student should submit a final dissertation for 12 Credit hours.


To receive a Doctorate in Business Administration degree, a student must satisfy requirements related to semester credits, grade point average, program of study, and courses. To obtain the Doctorate in Business Administration degree, a student must complete the following:

  • Earn a minimum of 60 semester credits by taking the core DBA courses and complete the required dissertation.
  • Earn a minimum course grade of 2.0 (on a 4.0 system) for each course in the program.

The conferral date is the date on which the student’s degree is officially conferred. Upon completion of all required courses, submission of the graduation application, and resolving of any outstanding financial obligations, students who have met all academic and administrative requirements, will receive two official transcripts and their diploma.

International Accreditation

Brentwood University has the International accreditation of ASIC : Accreditation ensures a certain level of academic quality and demonstrates positive student outcomes, like retention, graduation and employment.

Advance your career with Brentwood’s University DBA degree and become a Business Leader!