Our Objectives

Brentwood University is seeking to achieve the institution’s objectives:

  1. Deliver training that will empower graduates in the management of activities typically present in the management and operation of profit-seeking and not-for-profit organizations.
  2. Analyze and understand business opportunities in light of the many challenges facing these entities.
  3. Prepare graduates with ample communication skills, and analytical approaches to problem-solving.
  4. Assure that graduates have mastered the skills needed to work with team members.
  5. Provide students with extensive theoretical and practical content so as to develop core competencies in communications, analysis, and advanced problem-solving.
  6. Assure that graduates have the capability and motivation to address moral and ethical issues as may arise in business.
  7. Offer an interactive educational environment, which includes also multi-media learning experiences and which provides frequent contact with faculty and student support services.
  8. Engage in a constant process of continuous improvement through course assessment and revision of content, delivery methods, and objectives in the context of compliance with regulatory requirements.

Brentwood University believes that Education is a right and not a privilege