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A solid and multicultural network

Brentwood alumni network contains a community of members coming from 5 continents. Brentwood's Alumni community is a strong network, based on a history going back over and made up of graduates from Brentwood classes. This network is growing year after year with the integration of new graduates from our American and European culture of education and all of our programs.

Brentwood Alumni strives to

Make bonds, work with experiences and exchange between individuals around the world. Support the expert advancement of Brentwood graduates and provide professional services. Support Brentwood's growth and strategic developments.
Brentwood University is an accredited school so you can be sure that you will get the best education possible
Brentwood makes the tuition affordable to everybody. You have the opportunity to work full time while following your MBA.


Brentwood University’s alumni communicate with our team:
Zahi A. Khalil
DBA class of 2022

The well-organized online DBA program at Brentwood University was a comprehensive education with expert, supportive and accessible faculty. The program has been effectively completed at distance, the course contents are comprehensive in nature, and the material was presented in a very practical way. The interactive learning forum is exceptionally well done, you are free to interact with the faculty and other students who are always available through the discussion board. I feel that each course I took within this DBA program provided me with additional knowledge that enhances my professional experience.

The time I spent in my research for my DBA dissertation has really taught me a lot for my successful life. I got a chance to improve my skills which were a very important part of my academic and professional life. Many thanks to all teachers and the dissertation committee’s chair and members for their exceptional support which was key to my success and finally receiving my diploma.”

Thank you so much. I have enjoyed the program and much appreciated for all helps that I have received when I was having difficulties to finish some courses on time.  My experience in the MBA program with Brentwood helped my career but also in general enriched my knowledge about the world market operation. It was supposed to be a one-year program, but I was having a very difficult and unstable schedule during that time, so it was very kind that the school offered flexible arrangement to suit my needs. Really much appreciated. Also, during the time I was so stressed and depressed yet the encouragement I received from all sides, e.g. classmates, teachers and school administrators, cheer me up and provide me courage to continue. Therefore, I would like to thank Brentwood for its flexible course arrangement and all the kind people who are always happy to help. I trust that the experience I gain will definitely prepare me better in my future career development. 

Jessica – Yik from Hong-Kong
Class of 2020

I would like first to thank you so much for all the support you offered to secure the scholarship for me, which wouldn’t have been possible without your passionate help.  

Second, it was such a privilege for me to study at Brentwood University and be acknowledged as a good student.  

Asmar from Syria
Class of 2019

I have always desired a creative and learning environment where successful entrepreneurs and industry leaders share innovative ideas to create disruptive opportunities. Brentwood University offers a flexible platform for my business degrees through access to insightful perspectives, social and engaging interactions with other learners and the administrative members of school 

Great School with great learning opportunities… 

DBA class of 2021

I appreciate being a part of the Brentwood team. I have never felt it difficult to communicate with my instructors to ask for help or clarification of an assignment. Being able to communicate with my classmates and instructors made me a more active participant during the courses. I am glad to exchange my comments and ideas through discussion boards which makes class more interesting while improving on our writing style.  

Thank you for the great learning experience. 

Husnu from Turkey
Class of 2021 

Further to my earlier email below, kindly note that I have now received the package from DHL containing the certificate and the transcript. Once again, I would like to thank you for your time and effort on this matter. May you be blessed. 


Eston from Kenya
Class of 2020

My time at Brentwood University was an enriching experience that added value to mummy understanding of global business. In my academical journey I have worked with and learned from students from many countries. The courses were designed to support both, a full flexibility on when to study and a daily exchange with professors and fellow scholars. I particularly liked the diversity of the faculty and the digital platform which perfectly worked together to support a distant learning approach. The professors were reachable at all times and courses had 8 weeks duration to understand one particular area. To conclude with, I think the focus on business ethics and leadership in a flattening world opened my eyes and prepared me for my next global job.  

Shiping from China, living in Germany
Class or 2018

I created a SharePoint site to collaborate on documents and information. Very fluent communication with faculty members and staff.

Class of 2021

Thank you. I have recently started a new job; I will look at the DBA in few years. 

Nabil from Saudi Arabia
Class of 2018 

Thank you, it was a very rewarding experience. Regarding DBA, it’s a great opportunity. 

Sorin from Romania
DBA Class of 2018 

I appreciate your management on the process.  I’m so happy to have been a part of the MBA program. 

Jaime from Chile
Class of 2019 

Thank you for this great experience.  


Naoto from Japan
Class of 2019 

Brentwood is an amazing university and I think that the students must be really lucky to call themselves Brentwoood University’s graduates.

Brentwoood University has been a great experience that gave me guidance and hope for my future career goals in the business world. 

I enjoyed the challenges of completing my Doctorate degree at Brentwoood and look forward to where this will take me in the near future. 

The balance between academic learning, social engagement and cultural insights has allowed us to gain experience and widen our knowledge and backgrounds in different fields. 

Aveen Falah Mustafa
Class of 2022 

My experience with Brentwood University from the beginning to the end was exceptionally rewarding. The course was so tailored to the current and future business management demands, the supervisors exhibited the highest professional standards beyond the requirements of modern times.

I am ever indebted to Brentwood university. I would recommend the university to whoever is looking for a university with programs tailored to personal convenience.


Kiconco Medard
Class of 2022

Let me take this amazing opportunity and thank you all for this wonderful opportunity. It was a life-changing experience and a hope that assisted me to move from one of the toughest times in my life. The program was amazing, all professors were extremely good. I am also interested in the DBA program- please let me know the fee so I can check if I can afford it at this time.

I wish the Brentwood University family the very best with upcoming programs.

Class of 2022

Brentwood university has taken my hand when there was no hope and when  we and other Afghan women were pushed behind the walls after 15th August. 

It has been an amazing year being part of BU by studying and learning with different group of people from all over the world and sharing our experiences. 

I am thankful to Brentwood university by providing me such a great platform to learn and grow and be part of such a diverse team.

Maria Karim
Class of 2022

My name is Batyrzhan, I am a Kazakh from Kazakhstan, which is located in the center of Eurasia, a young and independent country with an ancient history, the culture of nomadic and settled civilizations.


Studying at Brentwood University for two years and defending the DBA was a serious challenge for me, because it was not easy to work and study at the same time, successfully pass modules, collect materials and write a dissertation, but the deep knowledge gained corresponds to my desire for professional knowledge, to improve my hard and soft skills as well as they will have a positive impact on my career.                                                          

 I would like to express my gratitude to all the doctors of sciences who professionally led us students from around the world to scientific heights and a DBA degree, special thanks to Dr. Tuyet Case, who patiently corrected my scientific work for several months, guided and supported me before defending my dissertation, being for me a vivid example of a scientific supervisor.

 I would like to wish success and new heights to my esteemed classmates who have become DBA, and to those who have just started this difficult but important path at Brentwood University!

Class of 2022

My experience at Brentwood University was phenomenal. First and foremost, what’s convenient about the MBA program at Brentwood was that it makes room for its students to proceed with their professional development along the way. The flexible timings, organization, and user-friendly website were exceptional. Second, even though it’s an online program, all the professors who taught me during this year were keen on helping out and providing feedback regularly. Third, on an intellectual, personal, and professional level, this year at Brentwood has taught me a lot and changed my mindset 360 degrees. I believe I gained wide experience with entrepreneurship, business strategy, behavioral organization, and many more fields in business development.

Hagar Ashraf
Class of 2022

I appreciate being a part of the Brentwood team. I have never felt it difficult to communicate with my instructors to ask for help or clarification of an assignment. Being able to communicate with my classmates and instructors made me a more active participant during the courses. I am glad to exchange my comments and ideas through discussion boards which makes class more interesting while improving on our writing style. Thank you for the great learning experience.

Husnu Kunt
Class of 2022

It was my first online experience, and it was amazing journey of my degree, I learned a lot during my studies with the lectures of the teachers and discussion posts. 

Class of 2022
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