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Is Brentwood University accredited? 

Yes, Brentwood University is accredited internationally by Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC). Brentwood University is also an institutional member of Quality International Study Abroad Network (QISAN). 

What is the duration of the Program? 

For the MBA program it will be 12 months, and for the DBA Program it will be 16 months + Dissertation. 

Is there a thesis for MBA? 

No, once you have completed your 6 courses, your program is completed. 

When is the application deadline to apply? 

Brentwood University offers 6 intakes during the year. You can contact Brentwood’s Students Advisors to find out when the next intake takes place. 

What is the admission process? 

Please go to “Apply” page and fill out the application form. After submitting the online application form, a student advisor will contact you for next steps. 

What funding options do you offer for your programs? 

You may be eligible for a partial Scholarships. We do not offer full scholarships. We have limited budget for each intake. Once you have completed your application form, a student advisor will contact you and will provide further information.  

How can I apply for a scholarship? 

To apply for a scholarship, you must include a scholarship request letter with the reasons why you need or deserve a scholarship.  

Do you offer On Campus learning? 

We currently offer online and hybrid learning. 

Are MBA and DBA offered part-time or full-time? 

All our programs are designed for professional part-time students. In other words, studying in Brentwood University is compatible with a full-time job and a family life.

Where is Brentwood University located? 

Brentwood University is located in California, USA and in Paris, France. 

In which language are your courses taught? 

All courses are taught in English.

How long does it take to complete the dissertation for the DBA program? 

It depends on you. Usually, it can take from 4-10 months. All this time, you will be accompanied by a professor. 

Are there exams? How do teachers evaluate the process? 

Brentwood University programs are based on a weekly evaluation system. As an American institution system, the Final Exams, will represent only 20-30% of the total grade.  

Can I have a meeting with a Student Advisor? 

Yes, you can request an online meeting with a Student Advisor.  

Can I transfer my credits from another university?

At Brentwood University, we do not recognize credit transferring. If you wish to know more, you can contact Brentwood’s Student Advisors.