Project Management Certificate

Program Description

The 6 months Project Management Certificate at Brentwood University is designed for professionals of all experience levels, some of whom may be looking to advance in their career and others who need to learn to lead project with diverse nature. This certificate prepares students to take over most challenging project management positions.

Program Objectives

Students who successfully complete the Project Management Certificate will acquire the following competencies:

  • Organization: emphases on how organization skill is the essential for project management.
  • Analytical Skill: demonstrate how analysis required for setting up and tracking projects;
  • Effective Communication: communication at all level such as stakeholders, customer, team members, upper managers and other communication required for project manager
  • Financial Management: Project Managers need to learn to estimate, plan, manage and report project budget at any time;
  • Tracking: follow project progress report and communicate the progress at any time;
  • Estimate: skill to use various methods to conclude the closest project estimate for time, material, effort and budget.
  • Negotiation: various strategy and methods of art of negotiation

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  • BU 151206 Essentials of Project Management (6 credits)
  • BU 161201 Project Management Methodology (6 credits)
  • BU 161202 Applied Project Management (6 credits)

Why Choose Brentwood?

Brentwood University endeavors to provide current and effective graduate business education programs to qualified learners. Instruction is delivered via programs that are adaptable to student needs or interests.

This institution was founded with the goal of sustaining innovative and flexible, educational challenges and to do so via a student-centered academic environment. The student’s mastery of required coursework leads to the award of a degree, and also leads to the enrichment of students who aspire to positions of leadership, entrepreneurship, corporate governance, and service to others.

Graduates are empowered to students who want to be entrepreneurs to become expert global leaders committed to the application of sound business practices in corporate governance, entrepreneurship, and service to the community.


There is no degree requirement for this program.  Candidate from different level of education can enroll in this program and get prepared to be an expert Project Manager. Candidate with higher education and/or relevant experience will benefit more from the program.

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