Business Administration Certificate Online Program


The Business Administration certificate program is designed for professionals of all experience levels, including those who may be looking to advance in their career


Program Description

The Business Administration certificate online program is designed for professionals of all experience levels, including those who may be looking to advance in their career.

This program will prepare those who wish to continue the education and get enrolled in degree programs.

The Business Administration online program features coursework that is challenging and focused on real-world scenarios.  They will learn how to become a more effective contributor, leader and change agent within global work environments.


Program Objectives: Business Administration Certificate

Students who successfully complete the Business Administration Certificate will acquire the following competencies:

  • Leadership: develop the management and leadership skills resulting to have a better chance for advancement.
  • Accounting and Finance: Gain better understand of financials and practices for improved bottom line.
  • Business Strategy: Develop Strategies for the implementation of new and continuous improvement.
  • Human Resources: Understanding of human resources management fundamentals including recruitment, interviewing, appraisal, organizational analysis, and workforce diversity.
  • Business Evaluation: evaluate and report on performance, impact and outcome of activities.


Requirements for the Business Administration Certificate Online Program

There is no degree requirement for this program.  Candidate from different level of education can enroll in this program and get prepared to successfully manage challenging businesses.  Education and skills, they acquire will be extremely valuable to be successful in a wide range of management position, ranging from small businesses to corporate level.


Business Administration Certificate Online Program Courses

Students require to pass 3 out of 4 following courses successfully in order to fulfill Business Administration Certificate requirements.

  • BU 151102  Innovation and Technology Leadership (6 credits)
  • BU 151106  Business Strategy (6 credits)
  • BU 151202  Managerial Accounting and Financial Management (6 credits)
  • BU 151204  Human Resources Management (6 credits)

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Required Learning Materials

Each course will have a designated textbook that students are responsible to obtain on their own. Our Learning Management System supports the use of additional learning materials, including multi­media lecture presentations, discussion forums, and e-Library reading materials collection. Course materials are at the discretion of individual faculty members, but undergo review and approval by the University academic authorities prior to being used in a live course.


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