Program Tuition


  • All on campus and Hybrid programs offer Internship Opportunities

  • All on Campus and Hybrid Programs Include ESL and/or Business English Courses.

  • Credit Transfer from Entrepreneurship Certificate Or Business Administration Certificate to MBA Program: $1,800


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Additional Fees:

  • Registration Fee: $290
  • Textbooks: $500 (approximately)
Other Possible Fees:

Some other fees that students may incur are:

  • $30 returned payment or insufficient funds fee
  • $75 commencement fee
  • California Residents may be subject to S.T.R.F. frees

Please, note that tuition and fees are subject to change at the discretion of Brentwood University. Textbooks and other study materials that are required for course completion are not provided within the tuition and students are required to purchase them separately.

Payment Options

  • Tuition and fees for each course must be paid prior to each course start date.
  • Students may choose to pay their tuition and fees for the program in lump-sum prior to the start of the program.
  • Acceptable forms of payments are: electronic payments, checks, money orders, or any of the major credit cards


Please click here to find out about the Tuition Refund.