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brentwood-2A Doctorate of Business Administration or “DBA” is the ultimate degree obtainable in the business world. It is a degree that surpasses all others in terms of education, practice, and knowledge of Business.

DBA students are generally already business owners, high up executives or anything equivalent to such position.

Per “payscale” a DBA Holder makes on average $183,000 within the first 4 years after completion of the program. A Master in Business Administration will average around $110K while a bachelor will only be around $75K-80K.

PhD students aim at an academic career in social sciences and eventually want to become a lecturer, researcher or professor. In contrast, students registering for a DBA program are interested in this professional doctorate in management, because they have been successful in business for a few years, and have often already studied an MBA in the years before and are looking for a new intellectual challenge.

All in all, Doctorate in Business Administration is the highest degree obtainable in Business and, by far, the most rewarding degree. A lot of high-end executive and business owners now have a DBA.

Brentwood University offers some of the most competitive DBAs. It is all provided so that the currently working individuals, business owners, family men and more, do not have to physically attend class. Online DBAs will also save a tremendous amount of money as the students will not have to travel, relocate and pay high tuitions.

Brentwood University is a great opportunity for anyone that wants to push themselves forward and would like to stand out from a crowd.


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