Instructional Model

Brentwood University’s goal is to provide a high-quality educational experience to students and faculty through online learning using innovative techniques. The instructional model is as follows:

  • Students progress through the program within cohorts consisting of one or more students.
  •  Students are required to participate in discussion boards, submit assignments, and take exams in an asynchronous manner.
  • The final course grade is submitted within seven (7) calendar days of the scheduled end date of each course.

Course Load

Students are permitted to enroll in up to six semester credits at a time. Students are expected to spend a total of 240 hours of instruction and outside preparation per 6-credit course, in accordance with the widely accepted Carnegie model of instruction. In rare cases, a student may be allowed to take more than one course at a time with the approval of the Chief Academic Officer.


Course Format and Access

Brentwood University students access their courses through a Learning Management System (LMS). The platform has a user-friendly interface – the students’ online classroom, and is used by students and faculty members for all course work, attendance, and grading. Before starting course work in one of the graduate programs, students are provided with Orientation Materials, which introduce them to the learning platform, student resources, and the process for successfully completing online courses.

Faculty and Instruction

Courses are facilitated by faculty with advanced degrees and practical experience in the fields of instruction. Students receive personalized attention, and work closely with faculty towards successfully progressing through the courses in the program. Students are monitored and graded on participation, weekly assignments, and exams. Individual communication takes place through the online messaging system. Continuous improvement and institutional effectiveness are achieved through course and faculty evaluations conducted with students after the end of each course.


Instruction takes place online in an asynchronous manner – this means students are not required to be logged into the system at any particular time of the day or week. Rather, students have the freedom to select the most convenient days and times to participate.

Academic Status

A student in the MBA program of Brentwood University has to maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 in order to remain in good academic standing. A student failing to maintain such GPA is subject to being placed on Academic Probation or Dismissal as defined below.


A student in the Doctor of Business Administration program of Brentwood University has to maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 in order to remain in good academic standing. A student failing to maintain such GPA is subject to being placed on Academic Probation or Dismissal as defined below.

  • Academic Probation: A student whose GPA falls below 2.0 will be placed on Academic probation, subject to approval from the Chief Academic Officer. Students placed on academic probation will be informed of it in writing. A student who shows satisfactory improvement will be allowed to remain on academic probation until the minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 is achieved.
  • Academic Dismissal: Students who fail to show improvement will be subject to Academic Dismissal from the university. The Chief Academic Officer will make the decision on placing students on Academic Dismissal and will notify the affected students and the registrar’s office in writing. A student who is placed on Academic Dismissal will have a permanent record of the dismissal in the transcripts.

A student who is academically dismissed is not allowed to continue enrollment. Such a student can be readmitted to the program. When readmitted after a dismissal, a student is required to be on academic probation while repeating courses to raise their academic standing.

Students who have been placed on Academic Dismissal can appeal the decision based on mitigating personal circumstances. The appeal has to be submitted in writing to the Chief Academic Officer, who will make the final determination. If the appeal is approved, the student will be permitted to continue coursework at Brentwood University under academic probation status.


Course Grading Breakdown

Please note that there are no D grades or plus or minus signs.

Letter Grade   Percent                                               Grading Percent Breakdown

A                     90-100                                                 Discussion Forums                 36%

B                      80-89                                                   Individual Quizzes                24%

C                     70-79                                                   Individual Assignment          20%
F                      69 and below                                      Final Exam                             20%

                                                                                    Total                                        100%

Student Assessment

Students have a number of opportunities to demonstrate learning through the measures of evaluation provided below. Please, use the table below to identify the days of the week as referenced in this section. Please, note that each week starts with Monday and ends with Sunday.

  • Day 1  Monday
  • Day 2  Tuesday
  • Day 3  Wednesday
  • Day 4  Thursday
  • Day 5   Friday
  • Day 6  Saturday’
  • Day 7  Sunday

Discussion Forums

After each lesson, there may be discussion activities, which require critical thinking and responses that are based in theory, readings, current events, and personal experiences.  All discussions pertaining to the topics of a particular week must take place within that week. Students should plan to begin participating in discussions early in the week, so as to allow a substantive discussion and exchange of ideas to take place within the week.

Periodic Quizzes

Quizzes will be scheduled for each course based on the schedule provided to student at the first session of the course.  Quizzes will be online, and consist of multiple-choice problems. Quizzes are meant for practicing of the concepts and theories studied in class. Quizzes can be taken multiple times and are scored automatically.

Individual Assignment

Students are required to complete one written individual assignment as it is identified in class schedule.

Final Exam

Final exams administered in the virtual classroom and are open for students for identified time period.  The final exam may include a variety of question types, including definitions, calculation problems, or analysis from all topics covered throughout the term.

Program Grading Philosophy

Our university is very focused on ensuring that classes are not grade inflated and as such, grades of “A” are only provided for those assignments and activities for which a student goes beyond expectations. Please, note that per university policy,  grades  less than B are not meeting standards of graduate school competency and students whose cumulative GPA falls below B are subject to being placed on Academic Probation or Dismissal, as detailed in the University Catalog .